Tommy Grasso is a true born and raised “Jersey Boy” musician.
His latest Entity Records CD release “Which way is up?”, has been described as “Train” meets “Keith Urban” meets “Tom Petty”. The finely produced recording features over a dozen of New York and New Jersey’s top musicians. click here for a list of players on "Which Way Is Up"
Select tracks on the record scream with a "Springsteen-esk" saxophone, while other tracks feature fiddle and pedal steel with driving guitar work throughout. The diverse mix takes it from "Jersey Rock" to a "New Country-Crossover" feel at times.“Which way is up?” is now available on itunes, CD,, and here at

The musicians on "Which Way Is Up"

Keyboards - Arne Wendt, Steve Lavner, Sam Sherman, Tommy Grasso
Bass - Winston Roye, Scott Metaxas, Paul Avrutin, Tommy Grasso
Guitar - Kenny Dubman, Brien Brannigan, Tommy Grasso
Drums - Jimmy Callahan, Tommy Grasso
Vocals - Lisa Sherman, Renee Borys, Gabrielle Lee, Tommy Grasso
Fiddle - Gary Oleyar
Violin - Hiroko Taguchi
Cello - Alisa Horn
Harp - Sandy Mac
Sax - Kyle Schweizer

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