Tommy Grasso is a true born and raised “Jersey Boy” musician.
His latest Entity Records CD release “Which way is up?”, has been described as “Train” meets “Keith Urban” meets “Tom Petty”. The finely produced recording features over a dozen of New York and New Jersey’s top musicians. click here for a list of players on "Which Way Is Up"
Select tracks on the record scream with a "Springsteen-esk" saxophone, while other tracks feature fiddle and pedal steel with driving guitar work throughout. The diverse mix takes it from "Jersey Rock" to a "New Country-Crossover" feel at times.“Which way is up?” is now available on itunes, CD,, and here at

Welcome back and Happy Summer to everyone!

Summer 2017 is really kickin' with shows and events of all sizes.

I'm updating and adding stuff all the time so please have a look at the calendar page often for showtimes/details.

Also, I am heavily into work on new material, demo-ing new songs, and story boarding some new videos too!

Stay tuned...

As always, thanks for checking in,

and for your support throughout the year.

I hope to see you at your locality soon

Have a great summer!

cheers, Tommy

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